metaphors, the mysteries of being an upright man, true, moral and a good citizen. The organization has regular meetings where members are educated, and transact the usual business of the organization. Community involvement as well as individual acheivement are a regular part of the life of a Michigan Mason.
Michigan Masonic Amateur
From time to time, members of the Masonic Fraternity are also licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Such is the nature of a diverse membership and culture of the oldest fraternity in the World. Michigan has, over time, tried to connect both the Masonic Brothers and the Amatuer Radio Operators into a common group, to share their hobby as well as their fellowship. This blend makes for a dual bond among men that is most satifying.
These are men you will find out in the parking lot long after everyone else has went home, still talking about Stations they have talked to, as well as the upcoming degree night. Oddly enough most are ritualist to some degree or another.
Amateur Radio Operators
Amateur Radio Operators are Tested and Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate two-way radio communications using many different modes of Transmission. Morse Code (CW), Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Single Side Band (USB, LSB) Digital (Packet, RTTY) and several others not mentioned here. Amateur Radio Operators are assigned a Call Sign by the FCC that is specific to the individual, and non transferrable. They operate from home, vehicles, marine, aircraft and just about any other location imaginable, including the space shuttle. They can use from 1 to 2,000 Watts of Power to get their message to the receiving station. They are allowed to communicate around the world.
Amateur Radio Operators are Good Will ambassabors.
Michigan Mason
Michigan Masons are men from 19 to 110 years old who are members of the Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons. The Fraternity provides a man an opportunity to be taught through symbolism and
There has been a renewed interest in forming a Statewide Amateur Radio Club. This Site has initally been set up to collect Information on Who you are, and what type of Amateur Radio Station and modes you operate.
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